Delegates at the first IGF meeting

A list of those who have registered to attend the first IGF meeting and consented to the public release of their names, is available on the IGF’s Web site. It is interesting reading. There are 339 delegates listed in total, divided between the stakeholder groups as follows:

  • Government: 79
  • Intergovernmental organisations: 18
  • Private sector: 27
  • Civil society: 215

Whilst these figures are a little rubbery (for example, my allocation of certain bodies to the class of either civil society or private sector could be debated), there is no question that civil society will be very robustly represented at the meeting, at least in sheer numbers. This is heartening news. Here are some other interesting facts:

  • Of the governmental representatives, fewer than half are from highly developed countries.
  • The civil society representatives include twelve from universities and eight from ISOC and its official chapters.
  • There will be three Australian representatives including myself.

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