The IGF’s new discussion forum

The IGF has just launched a Web forum for discussion of IGF-related issues, to which I’m the first substantive contributor, on the issue of remote participation. I’m glad of this development, because so far all planning for the IGF’s first meeting has taken place behind closed doors, and reported only very infrequently to the IGF’s Web site. For example, it has only just been announced that the Advisory Group met again in Geneva earlier this month, with the vague promise that the results of its deliberations will be made available “in due course” (and I can almost hear Sir Humphrey add “at the appropriate juncture, in the fullness of time”). So now that we have a forum on which to do so, I intend to publicly repeat the enquiries that I have made privately to the IGF Secretariat, on basic issues such as how blogs are to be nominated for inclusion in the IGF’s blogosphere report, and how and when the promised five-minute video presentations are to be recorded. Oh, wait – I can’t. The forum is configured so that only administrators can start new topics.

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