Welcome to IGFWatch

You are reading the first “official” entry of the new community discussion site for civil society stakeholders in the activities of the Internet Governance Forum. All of the entries below this one have been transferred from my personal blog, but from now on any journal entry I write relating to the IGF will appear here.

Why the new site? Two main reasons. First, although there are number of community discussion sites and blogs devoted to ICANN, there are none devoted to the IGF, which is potentially of broader interest and importance. Since the IGF has foreshadowed that it will be monitoring and reporting from the blogosphere at its first meeting, this is a hole that I believed should be filled.

Second, there is little information, and still less discussion, about preparations for the IGF’s first meeting. This site is for others like me who are interested in expressing and exchanging their views about the IGF in the lead-up to its first meeting in Athens this October and November.

Although there seems to be something of a tone of forboding to the posts so far, I remain optimistic about the potential for the IGF to live up to its ideals of multi-stakeholder engagement and transparency. However, this depends in part on you helping to hold the IGF to these ideals and prevent it from slipping into familiar intergovernmental ruts.

Welcome again, and I hope to hear from you all over the coming months. 

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