Leaked working document of CSTD working group on IGF improvements

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Leaked working document of CSTD working group on IGF improvements
User: terminus
Date: 25/2/2011 1:42 am
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Here is a document that compiles the inputs given to the CSTD working group on improvements to the IGF, that meets for the first time today in Geneva. It follow this format:

  1. Format of the IGF meetings
  2. Shaping the outcome of IGF meetings
  3. Working methods of the IGF, in particular improving the preparation process modalities
  4. Financing the Forum (exploring further voluntary options for financing)
  5. Functioning of the IGF secretariat
  6. Outreach to and cooperation with other organizations and fora dealing with IG issues
  7. Inclusiveness of the IGF process and of participation at the IGF meetings (in particular with regard to stakeholders from developing countries)

The document is depressingly mundane. Most of the same suggestions have already been made at one IGF open consultation meeting after another. It carries through the strong regressive influence of the technical community, for example in falsely stating that a process "without negotiated outcomes [w]as established by the Tunis Agenda" (it wasn't; the Tunis Agenda doesn't say anything about the process by which the IGF's outcomes are to be produced).

IT for Change's proposal stands out, recommending

introducing separate round tables and/or smaller multi-stakeholder committee meetings to try to continue closing the gaps on key policy questions and look at possible outcome documents carrying IGF recommendations to policy making bodies (listing areas of consensus or listing several policy alternatives).

The APC also made some good suggestions such as that "the secretariat should be accountable to a multi-stakeholder body," as did Marilia Maciel, suggesting for example

that the IGF should have a clear liaison role ... [by] which it would convey for example, through the MAG a summary of outcomes and suggestions from discussions at the IGF.

I had also submitted a contribution of my own, rehashing the summary of my thesis that I prepared for the Internet Governance Project, but mysteriously there was no reference to it in this document.

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