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Submission on the draft programme for the Hyderabad meeting
By terminus - 30/4/2008 The draft programme for the Hyderabad meeting incorporates a number of incremental improvements to the programmes for the Athens and Rio meetings which take into account some of the concerns and suggestions that civil society and other stakeholders have long expressed. However whilst this movement is in the right direction, the rate of progress remains too slow in light of the fact that at the mid-term of its initial five year mandate, the IGF remains incapable of fulfilling each of the roles that the Tunis Agenda sets out for it.

February open and MAG meetings: IGF reform is a hard slog
By terminus - 2/3/2008 These comments on the flurry of IGF developments during February is a little belated, since my dissertation on the IGF is due this month, and it will not be possible to reference those developments in the submitted version (particularly when I am attempting to reduce, not increase its word length). However it would be remiss of me not to make a few brief comments here.

Advisory Group decides not to open its mailing list
By terminus - 7/2/2008 Last month, an edited compilation of the mailing list discussions of the Advisory Group on the issue of its own rotation was posted to the IGF's Web forum. Now the IGF's Web site tells us that this was not simply a one-off:Digests of the discussion held within the Advisory Group are available on the Forum Section on a regular basis.Sure enough, a second such document has just been posted, covering the Advisory Group's own views of the calls for improvement of its transparency.

Policy development at the edges: conclusions on IGF 2007
By terminus - 15/11/2007 The most significant development of the Rio IGF meeting was the dawning acknowledgement, particularly evident during the session on Taking Stock and the Way Foward, that the conference format of the annual plenary meetings is increasingly irrelevant to the work of the IGF. It is becoming obvious to many that another three years of the same dry platitudes on openness, security, diversity and access are going to achieve nothing, and that the IGF must move on. Even the addition of a plenary session on the provocative issue of critical Internet resources this year was insufficient to generate any new spark.

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