Stratifying the IGF

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Stratifying the IGF
User: terminus
Date: 27/9/2011 9:05 pm
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A delegate arriving at the IGF expects that no matter what stakeholder group they come from, and no matter their wealth, power or prestige, they will be treated as an equal. They expect to be able to attend any session, and sit next to diplomats or tycoons if they wish. Until this year, that is. This year, the IGF delegate will notice some delegates with an extra badge around their necks, and overhear snatches of conversation about a "high level ministerial meeting". They will be presented with a wall of photos of smiling national delegations shaking hands with the heads of telecommunications and media companies. During the opening ceremony they will hear how useful and productive had been the meeting to which they were not invited. Profuse thanks will be given to the ITU for co-hosting it. Welcome to IGF 2011, humble delegate. You are now a second class IGF citizen.
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